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Cane and Cord Repairs in Ireland

JCServices is the premier choice for rattan cane, Danish cord and other chair seat repairs in Ireland. You may even have seen some of our work on “Antiques Roadshow”. We are easily accessible from all parts of the island.

You can get an indication of price for your job by sending photos on WhatsApp or by email. The phone number and email address is at the top and bottom of this page, in addition to the “Contact” page.

Why tolerate a broken seat when you can get it repaired with no trouble? Contact us now, without delay.


Cord seat

Cord, Seagrass and Rope

rattan caning

Rattan Caning

Repair Kits and Classes

Repair Kits and Classes

Gilding and Decoration

Phone, Text and WhatsApp : 0784 5046 929

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