• caned piano stool

    Seat Caning

    Here we have an example of Ratan caning on a piano stool. Over a period of time the cane can become damaged and JCServices specialise in this kind of repair, restoring your furniture to its original condition... Phone 0784 5046 929 for further information.

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    Cane Work on Chair Back

    This is an example of what has become known as the "Sunrise Pattern" of cane on a Bergere chair back. This pattern is not for the novice caner and requires considerable experience to execute successfully. When finished like this, the chair becomes a really outstanding piece of furniture ...

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    Furniture Restoration

    Here we have an example of tooled leather work having been replaced on a writing desk surface. Accidents do happen and perhaps the owner has spilled some ink in days gone by, leaving a stain on the leather surface. JCServices have restored this desk to its original state, with minimum fuss...

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    Seagrass Seats

    Seagrass and two-tone paper cordwork is very common. These removable seats presented a particular problem because of the way the work has to be executed. Contact us on 7084 5046 929...

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    Scumble Graining

    Scumble graining is an old technique which is only rarely done today. However, if you have a piece of furniture which is grained then it can look beautiful. This photo shows the graining work I completed on a new door in January 2013. It was done to match adjacent work that has been completed in the 1950's ...

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    Chairs for repair

    This is one of a pair of chairs that I re-caned for the National Trust property of Mountstewart House. They are not on public display as they are in the private part of the house. This photograph is how the chairs looked BEFORE repair ...